Elevator Down!

How to react when a stranger, walking toward you and your wheelchair, stops suddenly to ask, “What’s wrong with you?”

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Growing up Claire

As I grew up, it was thought that I would be blind. I had no line of centre, no depth perception and no understanding of where I was in space.

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Developing Good Hygiene Habits

It’s that time of the night again. You’ve been dreading it for the last hour because you know how much your four-year-old hates the bath-before-bedtime routine.

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Finding Her Voice Through Art

When Mississauga’s Ilona Quassem, 6, was diagnosed with PACS1 Syndrome in 2014, her parents Farhad Quassem and Mahjabeen Mustofa eventually learned their daughter was one of only a few dozen cases worldwide.

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Today’s Kids Views…

With all the attention on pay equity for women and the “Me Too” movement, I got to thinking about how our next generation of girls are being raised…

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Art Therapy

Drawing, painting, sculpting and other art activities are not only great entertainment for kids, but have also been proven to be quite therapeutic.

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Clever Ways to Keep Your Kids Off Their Phones

By Jillian Quint Here are some clever ways for you to encourage everyone in your family to put their phones and tablets away, and get back into the habit of joining in real family conversations and more meaningful activities together.   1) Keep the charging station downstairs If kids are allowed to juice up in […]

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Kids and Diversity

Children have an uncanny knack for asking awkward questions in the loudest of voices. At precisely the wrong moment you might be asked, “Why is that woman missing a leg?” or “How come that man has blotchy skin?”

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