Keeping children safe-01

Keeping Children Safe

Each child is different and the general recommendations that are available to keep children safe should be tailored to fit your child’s skills and abilities.

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A mother’s pride-01

A Mother’s Pride

Adrienne is a mother of three adult children, two of whom have been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome “plus.” She is a part-time high-school math teacher, and has volunteered for Tourette Canada as an in-service provider for 12 years.

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Preteen years… Building strong relationships -01

Preteen Years…

When you have a good relationship with your children, they feel understood and supported, and are more likely to respect you and follow your family culture.

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A Word To New Moms

It’s a day to celebrate because Max continues to do so much better than those gloom-and-doom doctors thought he would.

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Can I Give You a High-Five?

Here are a few thoughts on what things seem to make my kids feel good about themselves, and make me feel good about the interactions based around the “why” questions.

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