Adorable Deaf Girl Welcomed

At Disney World

Shaylee Mansfield and her family are a little different than most. The spunky elementary school student and both of her parents are completely deaf. This adds challenges to life that many could never even fathom!

Even though Shaylee’s parents grew up with only a handful of their friends and loved ones using sign language, they were determined to change that feeling of isolation for their little girl. They enrolled Shaylee in a school where everyone knows how to sign fluently and made sure her younger sister knew the language as well. However, while they’re out and about, communication with others is normally much more limited.

That was until an unlikely idol surprised Shaylee during her family’s trip to Disney World. The Minnie Mouse approached Shaylee, gave her a big hug and then started using her hands to speak with the stunned little lady. Minnie asked for her name and explained that she’s still learning sign language! Like the angel she is, Shaylee complimented Minnie on her progress so far and gave her another monster hug! Heartwarming moments like this are what makes life great!

Source: FaithTap

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