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Meet Morgan Steward

At 10 years old, Morgan Steward lives an active life with spinal muscular atrophy. But thanks to his iLevel® Power Chair, Morgan is able to maintain his independence.

Because iLevel technology offers up to 12” of power adjustable seat height, Morgan can converse with his friends at eye level and access things that are normally out of his reach. Tanji Steward, Morgan’s mother, sees the difference the power chair makes in Morgan’s life, how much independence and confidence it’s given him. “Morgan loves the speed, the lift, and the recline on his power chair,” Tanji said. “He’s intrigued by everything it does.” In addition to giving the youngster the freedom to do what he wants, his chair’s power adjustable seat height allows Morgan to be more visible in a crowd or while crossing the street. The speed also allows him to keep up with his peers.

Product name: iLevel® Power Chairs Description:

iLevel® Power Chairs from Quantum Rehab® feature a revolutionary new power chair design for a better user experience. iLevel improves daily functionality and quality of life by allowing operation of the power chair at up to 4.5 mph working speed with the seat fully elevated up to 12”.

Features include: • 12” of power adjustable seat height while at walking speed (up to 4.5 mph) • iLevel’s patented Extra Stability Technology® enhances safety for transfers, reach, and numerous other activities of daily living and provides a smooth and stable ride. • Up to 19 exciting color options • Retrofittable on the Edge 3 and Q6 Edge® 2.0 • Front and rear LED fender lights • Q-Logic 3 Advanced Drive Controls featuring Bluetooth® (standard).

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