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A selection of helpful books from Today's Kids in Motion.
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Stress Sucks!

By Roni Cohen-Sandler, PhD 
Dr. Roni Cohen-Sandler offers today’s teen girls a practical guide for managing stress and dispels the myth that perfection is necessary. She encourages girls to address their own stress levels and determine its sources. In doing so, she hopes to encourage girls to take an honest look at their lives and address the challenges of procrastination, relationships and the college admissions process.

How Eskimos Keep Their Babies Warm

By Mei-Ling Hopgood 
This book brings together insights from around the world about how other cultures parent their children. It offers differing perspectives and practices with regards to bedtime, playtime, healthy eating and potty training. It was well reviewed by Amy Chua, who penned Battle Hymn of The Tiger Mother (a comparison of Chinese and Western parenting).

A Stolen Life

By Jaycee Dugard
Jaycee Dugard was abducted at the age of 11 and imprisoned for 18 years. She was eventually rescued and wrote a bestselling memoir as part of her therapy. Jaycee’s story is interesting and compelling because she is not angry about what she endured. She survived an intolerable situation, and wrote her book to help others who have been through abuse.

Schuyler’s Monster:
A Father’s Journey With His Wordless Daughter

By Robert Rummel-Hudson
In this memoir about raising a child with a disability, a family journeys to understand their daughter’s silence—the result of a very rare neurological disorder—and learns how to raise her in the way that best suits both her and them. The book transcends inspiration and is more about the tenacity and strength of the bond in a family.

The Categorical Universe of Candice Phee

By Barry Jonsberg
This young-adult and middle-grade novel tells the story of Candice Phee, a girl known for her quirks. Full of good intentions, she aims to ensure that everyone around her is happy, which isn’t easy as she deals with a pet fish with an identity crisis, a friend who believes he’s from another dimension and a family feud. She risks seasickness, guards the edge of a cliff and dances in the rain in order to fix it all.

What’s Wrong with Timmy?

By Maria Shriver 
Maria Shriver’s What’s Wrong With Timmy? is a novel written to provide a gateway to discussing the topic of disability with your child. The book describes a meeting between eight-year-old Kate and Timmy, the disabled son of her mother’s friend. After talking to her mom, Kate learns that Timmy was born with disabilities. The book aims to illustrate the theme of acceptance of people for who they are.

What to Expect When Your Wife is Expanding

By Thomas Hill
This light-hearted, month-by-month instructional manual will teach an expectant dad how to handle the important milestones of his wife’s pregnancy. It includes information on how to care for a pregnant partner, while explaining how to organize time for work and home life.


By Carolyn Jessop
Carolyn Jessop was raised in a fundamentalist cult. In her 15-year marriage, she had eight children, one of whom was severely disabled from an illness he suffered as a baby. This memoir and her follow-up, Triumph, are stories of courage, survival, and the best parenting she could provide for her family.

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