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Thumbs Up Thumbs Down

Thumbs Up… a new virtual toolkit aimed at confronting and preventing hate in Canadian schools. The toolkit exists as a virtual document that dives into hate-promoting movements and ideologies, the role social media plays in luring youth into these movements, digital literacy skills, and approaches for parents and educators to confront harmful scenarios inside and outside the classroom.

Thumbs Down… to Nanaimo, BC teachers who left five-year-old Luca, who has autism, behind while the rest of his kindergarten class was enjoying a field trip at a bowling alley. His mom says the school decided his disability would make it too difficult to include him without telling her. In the end, his family took him bowling that he could have been successful on that trip and he had a blast… Go Luca!

Thumbs Up…U of Finland researchers exploring digital gamer range in children. Working with kids themselves, they identified emotional triggers including toxicity within the gaming community, noisy games, choice of game and outrage caused by their own mistakes or annoying opponent behaviour. Interestingly, kids self-regulated by quitting the game or switching to another game as a way of reducing anger.

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