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Supporting our kids during COVID-19

As we head into a second wave, your kids might be feeling even more anxious than before. What we had hoped to be a few months of lockdown has now turned into a much longer ordeal and with winter coming, the backyard has become less of an option for some much-needed out of the house time. Check out the webinar below for some suggestions and strategies for helping your kids (and yourself) during these tough times.

Dr. Alter is returning for Part II of a series on Supporting Our Kids during the COVID-19 Outbreak. This time focusing on children with special needs–children with anxiety issues, diagnosed with ADHD, on the autism spectrum, anger issues, depression, loss and grief, as well as some suggestions for children who may be at risk for abuse. The webinar will focus on how to better understand these issues during this difficult time and offer many concrete suggestions and strategies for helping kids and adults cope better.

Source: Psychology Foundation of Canada

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