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6 ways to improve your youngster’s reading skills

You can’t build a house without a strong foundation so believe us when we say that reading, listening, speaking and writing go together to form a base for other learning.

1. Dig deeper
Read the book then watch the movie and spend some time discussing the characters, the plot, scenery, and a bit of background on the author. Find other books that he/she might have written.

2. A special place
Create a reading space that not only provides for a quiet location but also allows for listening to an audiobook.

3. Say it again
If you are reading aloud go over important passages more than once and ask questions that put things in perspective and bring things to life.

4. A great companion
Take books with you everywhere so that they can replace screen time in doctor’s offices, on public transit or vacations. Aim to have at least 30 minutes a day of “book time”

5. Live and learn
Explore specialty magazines such as National Geographic, tales of different countries and cultures, and cookbooks with recipes from around the world that you can try together.

6. The bigger picture
Introduce your children to blogs, and magazines for shorter reads and create an ongoing list of books that family members and friends might want to receive as gifts on special occasions.

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