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Tips for successful playdates

Playdates can help youngsters with cognitive, social-emotional and self-regulatory skills. Set expectations for behaviours and being honest with other parents will reduce anxiety.

Here’s how to make sure your child’s get-together is fun for everyone:

Keep your numbers low 

Too many guests mean extra noise and chaos.

Always on time

Drop off and pick up your child at the agreed hours.

Stick around

If your child is under three, plan to stay. It will help your child feel more comfortable.

Best hosting

Put away special toys. For safety, ask if your guest has allergies or health issues.

Leave numbers

Be sure that emergency contact info is exchanged.

Crowd pleasers

Have a few activities up your sleeve in case kids get bored.

10 minute warning

Start the clean up and transition to leaving to avoid tearful goodbyes.

Thank you’s

Make sure your child learns to say “thank you for having me” as soon as he or she is old enough.

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