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Kinder cancer treatment

Less toxic than chemotherapy. Blinatumomab or blina, given on the go rather than in the hospital, has already been used to treat cancer in adults and now, hopefully, children. The drug is an immunotherapy that seeks out cancer cells so the body’s immune system can recognize and destroy them.

Source: Research Gate 

Go easy on young athletes

1. Win at all costs – Coaches who belittle athletes, yell, and emphasize winning over personal improvement use a “controlling style” that shifts attention from abilities.

2) Peer pressure and influence – Athletes who perform well within the team find acceptance and more opportunities.

3) Parental expectations – Kids who are pushed too hard, shift their ideals and become prone to perfectionism, anxiety, depression, and eating disorders.

4) Early specialization – Before age 12 year-round intensive training in a single sport can cause psychological stress, and early burnout.

Source: The Conversation 

Diet and reasoning skills

A study by the University of Eastern Finland showed children with healthier eating habits showed greater cognitive development than those on poorer diets. The report also suggests that leisure time spent on a computer and unsupervised physical activity during leisure time were associated with poorer reasoning skills.

Source: Spa Business

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