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Safe, quick shopping tips.

As kids go back to school, many of us are getting concerned again about venturing out again. We’re at risk, so always mask up and err on the side of caution when going out. If you can’t arrange delivery, here are some simple tips to help keep you safer:

  1. Shop early morning or later in the day. Avoid the weekend and after work.
  2. Bring along your own wipes to clean cart handles – just in case
  3. Avoid self-serve bulk bins and crowded areas.
  4. Try not to use your phone in the store. Keep it in your pocket.
  5. Use tap to pay rather than cash if possible.
  6. Call ahead if it’s a neighbourhood store and check stock.
  7. Continue to follow social distancing guidelines and arrows on the floor.
  8. Stand back if a “traffic jam” occurs in the isle or near the cash out.

Coping with angry teen?

Tempers often flare and it can draining to live with a young person who is exhibiting moody, disrespectful or challenging behaviour. At times like this, especially with the pressure of school starting up again and the risks associated with COVID-19, try to remember that your teens may have low self esteem, be feeling emotional, fearful or unwell. They may also be responding to hormonal changes or outside stressors. Here are some tips from experts that may help you and your teen have a more healthy relationship:

  1. Create boundaries and reasonable expectations.
  2. Explain that rules are to keep him or her safe and free from harm.
  3. During quiet times between outburst try to identify what’s is bothering them.
  4. Let them know that you love and care about them and think about potential solutions together.
  5. Simply listen without becoming angry yourself.
  6. Encourage a healthy lifestyle of physical exercise, sleep and nutritious diet.
  7. Reduce technology use where possible, especially before bedtime.
  8. Support hobbies and participation.
  9. Review your success and think about a different approach for next time.
  10. Set a good example by displaying calm, rational behaviour.

If you feel like nothing is working, don’t be afraid to ask for professional help and treatment.

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