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Online safety

8/10 parents would welcome parental controls from mobile operators. By contrast, less than 25 percent would trust Facebook, Google or other socials with their child’s online safety.

5 tips to help sibs express their feelings

1. Make a habit of sharing your own emotions to get the ball rolling.
2. Check in after big moments: When something goes wrong, ask kids how they feel and share what you’re thinking.
3. Don’t just do something, sit there: Sometimes silence is the best method. Stick to empathy/understanding, not advice.
4. Praise them for sharing.

Meet Nido…a quiet place

He’s a friendly monster, a protective shell, a den to shelter in and stretch out on your tummy, like lying on the grass. Designed by Javier Mariscal, Nido greets you with an open mouth and wide-eyes, Made of polyethylene in rotational moulding, Nido is durable, easy to clean and also suitable for outdoor use. It’s a quiet hut, hiding place, a cozy nest and a cave.

Playing with dolls

Barbie and her friends help children develop empathy and social skills. Neuroimaging from studies done last October showed that even playing alone with a doll activated the area of the brain used for social interaction.

When wasps sting

In some, a wasp sting can trigger a full-blown allergic reaction. Other symptoms include:
• Hives or swelling in the lips, tongue, mouth, and throat.
• Rapid heart rate, difficulty breathing.
• Decreased blood pressure.
• Diarrhea, cramps, vomiting.
To treat: remove the stinger by scraping a straight-edged object over top (i.e., a credit card). wash the wound with gentle soap. Elevate area to fight swelling/itching.

Autism is not…

1) Being socially awkward
2) Lacking imagination
3) Avoiding eye-contact
4) Black and white thinking
5) A learning difficulty
6) Lacking empathy
Source: Organization for Autism Research

Did you know:

• Two-thirds of kids wear shoes that are one or two sizes too small.
• Only 33 percent are wearing the correct size.
• 52 percent of parents said they’d never measured their kid’s foot length.


Having five or more sunburns doubles your risk for melanoma. 
Source: Melanoma Research Foundation

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