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Positively Purple

By Linda Ragsdale PB the brown bear and Jeli the white bear are best friends. As Jeli recovers from a sickness where she needed to take medicine, she turns purple. She wants

Creatable World Making doll play more inclusive, has introduced Creatable World, a barrier-breaking doll line giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable

Fire safety education

Home fires can start and spread quickly, which is why we all need to be careful and educated when it comes to fire safety. Eighty-seven percent of all fire-related deaths are

Inflammation may be a main driver of autism

By Mary Kekatos Inflammation may be a main driver behind autism, a new study suggests. Researchers compared the brains of eight children with the developmental disorder and

Play is important!

“Goofing off” or playing around isn’t a waste of time—it actually teaches children critical skills that will be important for the rest of their lives. Kids playing — it’s such

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