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Bird Hugs

By Ged Adamson Bernard isn’t like other birds. His wings are impossibly long, and try as he might, he just can’t seem to fly. He’s left wondering what his wings are good

A family who eats together, stays together

One of the most meaningful gifts a parent can give their children may just be eating dinner with them. Dinner time is family time. Suppers eaten with mum and dad, or other

Father to Daughter

By Melissa Harrison, Harry H Harrison Jr. Share her wonder. Dance with her always. Teach her to be courageous, fearless and confident in any situation. Anchored in values and

Inclusion matters for every child (disability or not)

By Cynthia Lockrey Inclusion is a big buzz word in education right now. On any professional development day, teachers and school administrators are invited to attend workshops

Mother to Son

By Melissa Harrison, Harry H Harrison Jr. This treasury of wisdom, humour and love is a guide for every step of the exhilarating, sometimes exasperating journey that begins

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