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Supporting our kids during COVID-19

As we head into a second wave, your kids might be feeling even more anxious than before. What we had hoped to be a few months of lockdown has now turned into a much longer ordeal and with winter coming, the backyard has become less of

Not all masks are created equal #MaskUp

Buy Canadian and stay safe! Wearing a face mask has become a critical part of Canada’s campaign to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and protecting yourself from infection. But not all masks are made equal and there are many poor quality


Safe, quick shopping tips. As kids go back to school, many of us are getting concerned again about venturing out again. We’re at risk, so always mask up and err on the side of caution when going out. If you can’t arrange delivery, here

Calling all witches, ghosts and pumpkins

This year Halloween may look and feel a little different, with eight in ten Canadian families planning to celebrate the spooky season with their children in innovative ways. Here are some fun ideas to help ensure the Halloween spirit

Embracing idleness

Research suggests that the kind of relaxation Niksen encourages can enhance creativity, problem solving and even improve memory. According to Brigid Schulte, the director of the Better Life Lab, it’s at this stage that “our Default

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