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Too much choice?

The other day, I couldn’t help but notice a young mum in a grocery store who was trying to keep her toddler calm and avoid one of what she referred to as a ‘terrible twos

Space Invaders: When your home becomes someone else’s workplace

By Stephen Trumper Anyone who has just been discharged from hospital or rehab following a significant medical issue usually encounters some form of what my wife once called

Two For Me, One For You

By Jörg Mühle Bear brings home three mushrooms and her best friend, Weasel cooks them excitedly. However, the two get into a big argument over who should have the last

Positively Purple

By Linda Ragsdale PB the brown bear and Jeli the white bear are best friends. As Jeli recovers from a sickness where she needed to take medicine, she turns purple. She wants

Creatable World Making doll play more inclusive, has introduced Creatable World, a barrier-breaking doll line giving kids the freedom to create their own customizable

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