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Empathy is My Super Power!

By Bryan Smith From award-winning author and school counselor Bryan Smith, comes another great children’s book about being a kind and caring person. Amelia, the main character

Warts and All A Book of Unconditional Love

By Lori Haskin Houran Love isn’t just for the cute, the sweet, and the cuddly. Whether you’re awkward as a baby ostrich, prickly as a tiny hedgehog, or drool like a puppy pug,

The Snow Rabbit

Written and Illustrated by Camille Garoche Two sisters watch the snow fall. One ventures out to build a snow rabbit, but when she brings it indoors to her wheelchair-bound

What is stress?

Stress is a normal occurrence. It’s our body’s response to feeling afraid, overworked, overstimulated, threatened or excited. A little stress actually helps us feel alert,

Baby’s first visit to the dentist

By Lauren Atmore Why including the family dentist in your list of health-care professionals is a must for your baby? The life of a baby is full of firsts, from their first

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