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Heat stroke safety tips: Never leave kids in the car on their own

Sometimes babies sleep so peacefully that busy parents can forget they are even there. Other times, we might be tempted to leave kids in the car while we run into the store or

Up, up and away…

Today’s Kids sat down with 11-year old Sakina Shamsi, who is a Q Roll Model, to learn more about her ideas, her passions and her daily life… Today’s Kids: What is your

Better together: Childhood cancer camps merge

By Mike Strizic For more than 30 years, Camp Ooch and Camp Trillium have each provided life-changing and enriching programs for children affected by childhood cancer and their

All Colors

By Amalia Hoffman This board book introduces kids to a range of colours, textures and parts of the body while celebrating diversity and inclusion. As the young readers turn

My Name is Happiness

By Veronica Plumbe Our heroine, Happiness, is a warthog piglet: Clever, caring and courageous. She lives on a game reserve in Africa and is the narrator of Plumbe’s tale. At

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