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A spectrum of family travel possibilities

By Kara Halonen and Gregory Martin We’re the Martin family from Oshawa, Ontario. We have two beautiful daughters who live with autism, Teagan (age 9) and Logan (age 4). Both

The Real Estate’s: A Real Estate Investing Family

By Ivan Nemorin In his new children’s book, author Ivan Nemorin teaches children about real estate investing, and fostering a love of entrepreneurship at an early age. In the

Happiness is a day at the pool

Learning to swim has a myriad of benefits for kids of all ages and abilities. From boosting activity levels and learning life-saving safety skills to developing

My Baby Rides the Short Bus

By Yantra Bertelli and Jennifer Silverman In lives where there is a new diagnosis or drama every day, the stories in this collection provide parents of “special needs” kids

12 ways to support and nurture siblings

Siblings share many of the same complex needs, emotions and concerns as their parents, all while managing the challenges and changes of growing up themselves. They deserve

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