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Round Up

These kids spell-to-communicate A population of non- or minimally speaking individuals living with autism and sensory disorders are testing a new method of communication.

Parent’s guide to protecting their kids from rabies

While it is rare for people in Canada to get rabies, it is possible for it to pass to humans when they are bitten by a rabid animal. Now that you’re at home and hoping to

Be an encouraging parent – 6 ways to raise life-ready kids

By Kylie MacKenzie By using the right phrases, at the right time, you will not only develop a child’s ability to focus on positivity in themselves and grow their imagination,

Choo choo…

A few days ago a father in Finland, Oscar Winberg, asked his Twitter to send him pictures of trains and busses. An odd request? Winberg explained that the pics  were for his

Ready to yell at your kids?

Staying home with your kids all day takes patience and a different kind of routine than normal. Working, while juggling childcare and household responsibilities can fray

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