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Fun and easy ways to get kids moving

Early childhood is also the best time to establish good habits so that kids seek and enjoy exercise instead of avoiding it. Kids may be “born to move,” but if they don’t see their parents making fitness a priority, they’ll turn quickly from jumping beans into couch potatoes.

Teaching kids about exercise is just one of the many things parents do to get children off to a good start. The first step is helping little ones make physical activity an everyday event, now and as they grow. Try the following games for easy, active family fun.

1) Forward, March! Have a parade around the house (inside or outside). Equip everyone with toy musical instruments, or pots, pans, plastic containers, and wooden spoons. Take turns taking the lead and setting the pace. Make up silly marching steps and cheers.

2) Blowing bubbles: You know the rules for this one. One person blows the bubbles, and everyone else chases them!

3) Dancing divas: Put on their favourite tunes and boogie down. Show them your best moves and ask them to teach you some of theirs.

4) Get ready, get set, go! A good race is a surefire way to get the blood pumping and little legs moving. Be creative with the types of races, like crab-walking or three-legged races.

5) Obstacle course: Create a furniture course in your apartment or take chalk and make a course outside. Add in specific mental or physical challenges to keep them guessing.

See Keeping Kids Moving for tips on fitness for kids with mobility and balance challenges.

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