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Good night baby

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Many a parent has spent hours walking, jiggling or nursing their baby in order to get them to sleep, only to find to their dismay, that their baby is up again an hour later. Today, sleep coaches, baby sleep technologies and volumes of books and articles offer magic formulas to help with the task.

Meet Lullaai, a simple app that helps mothers and fathers work through the steps of getting their baby to sleep through the night, newly launched in Canada with innovative chat coaching support.

With expertise from founder, Amelia Hunter, a nurse and certified advisor in child sleep from Sick Children’s Hospital, and the support and advice of respected paediatricians, the tool’s content and methodology is expert driven.

“Sleep is vital for all of us but it’s essential to a child´s growth and development. Children who get enough sleep are more likely to function better and are less prone to behavioral problems and moodiness. That is why it is important for parents to start early and help their children develop good sleeping habits.”

Amelia Hunter

Lullaai has a 15-night plan that promises to help parents understand their baby’s sleep needs at every age and establish/follow good routines. Bedtime routines include 20 minutes of lullabies and music to create the perfect sleep environment and bonding before bedtime. Lullaai can analyse and individualize a sleep program for each baby and is accompanied by an expert endorsed library of articles and informative videos about baby sleep and an open space for parents to register their own comments and daily emotions. The app also uses A.I. to monitor crying patterns, reproduce white noise and track each baby’s preferences in order to find the most effective way calm him or her during the night. However, the most unique parent-friendly benefit is Lullaai’s chat-based coaching assistance. Busy parents no longer have to worry about waiting for, or committing to, health professional visits and can ask questions and look for support as needed.

Supported by Bosch and Siemens in partnership with Techstars, the world’s leading accelerator, Lullaai is a unique baby sleep start up. Its latest version includes the creation of night-to-night plans that can be adapted to each baby, upgrades in the automatic registry of nights as well as the possibility of manually registering naps and nights. There is also an added feature that offers the option of adapting naps to accommodate the parent’s schedule.

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