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10 TikTok Influencers we think are worth a follow

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TikTok has dominated the social media scene, accumulating over one billion users worldwide within the last year. TikTok has become a platform for information, entertainment, blogging, creativity, and much more. Many users are taking this opportunity as their chance to raise awareness about different disorders, diseases, conditions, and mental health diagnoses’ they live with to share their experiences in the hope to make the platform a more inclusive environment. Additionally, by showing this type of content on popular platforms, users can see ways of life from a different perspective and become educated and hopefully share their education with others. Here are 10 TikTok Influencers we think are worth putting on your TikTok “For You Page”:

1.Paige Layle (@paigelayle)

Paige Layle (@paigelayle on TikTok) has gained over 2 million followers discussing her diagnosis with high-functioning autism. The 20-year old Canadian provides a positive and inclusive space online emphasizing the message that because someone looks a certain way, does not determine what they do or do not struggle with. Her account includes videos about her diagnosis when she was 15, her experience as a lash technician with autism, tips, helpful products, signs, and informative videos. Her uplifting and optimistic approach to discussing her diagnosis is why she continues to be a pillar for the autism community on TikTik. We think she is definitely worth a follow!

Check out some of her content here: “Autism Must-Haves”

2. Holly Marie (@hollymarieshorty)

Holly Marie, a beauty guru, and makeup creator initially blew up on the app by posting a video displaying the ticks she has due to her diagnosis of Tourette’s Syndrome. Since that video, she has gained over one million followers on the app. Now, she openly discusses the diagnosis she’s had since childhood, how she controls ticks, and their presence when she does not control them. When she was a smaller creator, she would speak in videos and use music overlays to hide her tics, however, once she became open about her Tourette’s Syndrome, she has since done talk through tutorials and begun included Tourette’s awareness content. If you enjoy interesting and creative makeup and beauty videos, she is worth checking out!

Check out her content here: “New Tics that I have developed with Tourette’s Syndrome”

3.Abigail The Advocate (@abigailtheadvocate)

With over 690 thousand followers, Abigail The Advocate’s TikTok account shows the capabilities of someone diagnosed with Down Syndrome. Abigail fears nothing and does it all. Whether it’s modeling, blogging, participating in a triathlon, or being herself, this creator conquers it all and encourages her followers to do the same. She shows her life online in the hopes it will inspire others to go beyond what they think they are capable of and reach their full potential. Her personality and charisma is contagious, and her adventures are most definitely ones to follow along. You can also learn more about the creator on her website

Check out some of her content here: “½ mile swim, 9-mile bike + 3-mile run”

4.Lucy Edwards (@lucyedwardsblind)

Lucy Edwards, also known as TikTok’s “Blind Teacher” uses her platform of over 1.6 million followers to discuss vision loss, shows interesting and different ways she completes day-to-day tasks, and informs companies about how their products can be more accessible to impaired users. Lucy also discusses her diagnosis of the rare medical condition Icontinentia Pigmenti (IP) which caused her to become fully blind at the age of 17. Her videos are not only entertaining but enlightening on the daily life of someone who is visually impaired. Her highly inspirational outlook on life is one that is worth a view, even a follow!

Check out her content here: Accessible Design vs Universal Design”

5.Gem Hubband (@wheelsnotheels)

Gem Hubband uses her platform to inform viewers as well as provide a light-hearted humoristic twist on her life in a wheelchair. Her content consists of popular dance videos trending on TikTok, lifestyle vlogs, and question and answer sessions based on comments from previous videos. She also discusses topics such as ableism, tips, and products she uses in her daily life. With over 47 thousand followers, this creator is growing, fast!

Check out her content here: Ableism 101”

6.The Valentine Brothers (@valentinebrothers)

Looking for a fun and humorous duo to follow on your “For You Page”? Zach and Pat Valentine have you covered. The duo discusses Zach’s diagnosis of Down Syndrome through a series of light-hearted, fun videos. The two also do product reviews, participate in activities such as swimming, basketball, cooking, and educating their extremely large audience of over 6.6 million on Down Syndrome awareness. Their most popular videos include Tik Tok dance trends, fidget spinner reviews, and science experiments. These two are definitely worth checking out!

Check out their content here: Zach loves fidget toys”

7.Mackenzie Trush (@mackenzie.trush)

Mackenzie is a creator diagnosed with Dwarfism. With over 390 thousand followers, she urges to educate her followers on how products are quite often made inaccessible to those with her condition. She posts about awareness, her daily struggles and successes, “life hacks”, and educations discussion videos. Her platform provides users a new and important perspective on daily items, showing that what is accessible to one is not accessible to all. Her presence on the app is growing as more and more people are becoming informed on Dwarfism. If you would like an educational perspective, her videos are for you!

Check out her content here: Random things that are NOT Accessible”

8.Erin Rosenfeld (@erin.syd)

Erin has taken TikTok by storm, gaining over 349 thousand followers in less than one year. She provides a unique perspective on dealing with the new and intimidating “Zoom University” experience as a Northwestern University student. Only, Erin is deaf. Her videos show her navigating what most students already deemed difficult from a completely different side. Her content includes; what it is like being a deaf student online, zoom-based university and how to make it more accessible to students with disabilities in the future. Erin is an advocate for alternative-learning methods and hopes that all universities and places of education can learn from her struggles and adapt their teaching methods to make education accessible to all.

Check out her content here: The Life of a Deaf student learning on Zoom”

9.Nikki Christou (@nikililly)

Make artists and beauty guru Nikki Christu has strived to make the online influencer/beauty community a more inclusive space. With over 6.6 million followers, Nikki posts TikTok transition videos, fashion videos, hair tutorials, and skincare. However, her makeup looks receive the most attention on the app. Nikki has the rare medical condition Arteriovenous Malformation (AVM) which is most prominent on the left side of her face. However, this condition has only made her a better creator, as she advocates that talent is not defined by looks, but by skill. If you want to learn how celebrities achieve their makeup looks, want product reviews and useful tutorials, then Nikki is a creator worth following!

Check out her content here: Makeup Tutorial”

10.Michael Carthy (@michaelcarthy)

Michael is a comedian that uses his platform to create humorous skits and fun videos. He strives to normalize disabilities on TikTok and uses his wheelchair to create entertaining content for his viewers. His twist on TikTok trends has followed for Michael to gain a large following of over 540 thousand users. His content consists of trends, duets, and skits that are good to watch if you are down and in need of a laugh!

Check out his content here: Adult Swim Challenge”

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