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The ABC’s of selecting toys…

…made easier with monthly subscription toy boxes

A Consider the age of the child you are buying for and try to optimize your selection by keeping their development stage in mind.

B Select toys of different colours, shapes and sizes that can be used in lots of different ways.

C Think about how the gift you are selecting can help a child developing their motor skills, their thinking and their problem-solving abilities.

D A good toy should help with nurturing their interest in exploration, foster eye hand co-ordination and build spatial relationship skills.

A young boy and girl standing in front of two boxes of toys filled with barbies, monster trucks, etc.

E Look for toys that lead to creative play that encourages imagination and pretend play that mimics their real world.

F Toss in some “getting ready to read” toys or other items that incubate literacy and language development.

G Seek out safe toys that encourage your child to be physically active.

H Ask for help. Many grandparents and parents are getting experts to curate and toys that offer new challenges and opportunities for growth on a monthly basis.

I Make being a favourite grandparent, aunt or uncle much more fun by arranging for a surprise subscription toy box to delivered to their home each and every month. Put together by experts, these fabulous toy boxes automatically provide new and exciting options for kids on a regular basis.

Picture of Your Fam Box, various toys are in each box including Marvel, Clue, books and small trinkets

To see how a monthly subscription can encourage“best play” habits and introduce new ideas and toys they’ll love visit:

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