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How to find inner peace during stressful times

HBy Lobsang Chunzom

What does the future hold and how will we adjust to “post pandemic life”? This question is facing children and adults alike as we move out of the pandemic. Fortunately, there are some very simple yet important ways to keep mental and physical stability and balance, even when there is still so much uncertainty surrounding how the pandemic will continue to affect our lives.

Meditation is a powerful tool and helps attain balance of mind. It gives people more mental agility to manage negative emotions and it helps strengthen resiliency. It also can be used by people of all ages. From young children to seniors, we can all benefit from meditation. Once we are able to achieve a clear and aware state of mind, we can create a peaceful healthy lifestyle — even through extremely difficult times.

When we are just learning to meditate it can be challenging to begin without a teacher to guide us and teach us what to meditate on and how to apply meditation to our lives. At the beginning our mind will struggle to stay focused and may jump around to everything else in our life. Learning to observe our own mind more consciously helps us develop the ability to quiet our negative or overwhelming thoughts, balance emotions, and think clearly.

The more time we spend meditating on something meaningful without distractions or spacing out, we increase our ability to direct our thoughts more easily and manage our stress and anxiety. This skill is very handy when we are in difficult situations, because when we are able to recall what is important in our lives, we can find calmness, and respond to stress in constructive ways.

In meditation, we can review and analyze our current situation with enhanced concentration and learn what’s needed to bring about the result you want quickly.

There are four factors that determine the results we get from our meditation practice; the strength of our emotions, the motivation that inspires us, taking action to achieve the goals desired, and celebrating the success of completing what you set out to do.

We break the cycle, end the stress, and eliminate the uncertainty by implementing the knowledge of what causes, sustains and stops our negative thoughts, and experiences – then we can change it. What happens next depends on what we do today to prepare.

When we are able to sit focused without distractions, and the mind is bright and clear, our overwhelming negative thoughts and constant stressors no longer take over. When the strength of our mental awareness increases, we are able to acknowledge our thoughts and feelings more and more, we have to make a conscious effort to confront and defeat even tiny negative emotions when they do come up. With just a bit of effort put towards pulling the mind back to the object of focus and our present actions, we can move through the rest of the day without problems and without having to make any obvious effort at all to experience hope, peace, and fulfillment in life!

If you are looking for resources to begin the practice of meditation, Limitless Health Institute designs many programs to encourage people to help each other stay hopeful and find opportunities in the challenges that come.<

Venerable Lobsang Chunzom Buddhist nun and worldwide teacher in meditation and philosophy. She is the founder of Limitless Health Institute, a nonprofit organization that collaborates with other organizations in NYC to help people experience the link between their own health and happiness and how they care for others. Visit

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