One of the everyday Superhumans featured is Jessica Cox, the first armless pilot who flies with her feet on the controls.

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Walking a New Path

Anyone who has a child with a disability or chronic health condition knows the flood of emotion that is an integral part of hearing the diagnosis for the first time.

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Super Power Babies

In her two and a half years on earth, Evie taught Rachel and Sam, and many others who knew her, to love and communicate in ways they would never have known was possible.

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Brave New World

Our son Mitchell had two surgeries to repair his cleft lip before he turned five months old. I remember hoping that these were the worst things he had to go through as a child.

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Against All Odds

  By Lucyna Mach with Michelle McClure My daughter Zophia was born three months prematurely. She spent those missed three months at SickKids’ Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).  Early head scans showed bleeding in her brain, and we were later told she had level four cerebral palsy (with level five being the worst).  Her prognosis […]

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Meet Esme

In my years as an occupational therapist, I have had the chance to work with some remarkable children. One such child is seven-year-old Esme.

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