2018 Easter Seals Ambassadors

Sydney Weaver and Alex Krneta Sydney Weaver, a chatty 17-year-old from Acton, Ontario, has been chosen as a 2018 Provincial Easter Seals Ambassador.  Her mom and dad, Lisa and Don, along with her older brother, Scott, couldn’t be more proud. Born with spastic diplegic cerebral palsy that sometimes causes muscle spasms, Sydney uses a wheelchair […]

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Canada Cares Nominations

We encourage families, workplaces, governments, and industry to support caregivers for young children, teens, adults and seniors to recognize the importance of caregiving

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Spotlight On…

Helping Your Child Overcome Their Fears It’s natural that your child will have some fears, everyone does. You can try a few things to help alleviate anxiety early on and provide a listening ear when it’s needed. By Lydia London Here are some tips for a stress-free child: Talk about it. Allow your children to talk […]

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Brennen’s Unexpected Journey

Feeling like I was not being taken seriously, and getting no sort of resolution, Brennen and I left California and came home to Newfoundland where we had the loving support of my family.

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Moms Great Idea…

A couple of years ago, my hockey team went to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital so we could all have a baseline concussion test.

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Clowning Around

For over twenty years, Lise-Nathalie LePage (aka ‘Clopin Lanouille’) has shared the healing power of humour with people of all ages.

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One of the everyday Superhumans featured is Jessica Cox, the first armless pilot who flies with her feet on the controls.

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Walking a New Path

Anyone who has a child with a disability or chronic health condition knows the flood of emotion that is an integral part of hearing the diagnosis for the first time.

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