• Daily Dental Care and Dental Visits

    Daily Dental Care and Dental Visits

    Comfort your children though a dental appointment by explaining what is happening and making them feel relaxed and safe. Read More

  • Safe Social Media

    Safe Social Media

    Social media for your child or teen helps them stay connected. But it's important to learn about the different technologies and how ychildren use them...keep your kids safe online. Read More

  • Walking a New Path

    Walking a New Path

    Anyone who has a child with a disability or chronic health condition knows the flood of emotion that is an integral part of hearing the diagnosis for the first time. Read More

  • Promoting an Active Lifestyle

    Promoting an Active Lifestyle

    For many people with disabilities, an active lifestyle may be elusive due to physical limitations, lack of accessibility, sensory issues and socioeconomic status. Read More

  • Tooth Brushing 101

    Tooth Brushing 101

    On an average, Kiddo takes anywhere between 30–50 min to cover the 18 steps from the bed to the bathroom. Read More

  • Develop Your Child’s Independence

    Develop Your Child’s Independence

    In life, there are a lot of choices to make and being able to make decisions is a big part of successful independence. Read More

  • Mindfulness


    “Mindfulness” is a psychological approach that is growing in popularity with those managing chronic diseases. Read More

  • Adorable Deaf Girl Welcomed

    Adorable Deaf Girl Welcomed

    Shaylee Mansfield and her family are a little different than most. The spunky elementary school student and both of her parents are completely deaf. Read More

  • Stress Lessons

    Stress Lessons

    Parents and caregivers are often in the best position to teach their children life-long stress management skills, and there are many strategies that can help. Read More

  • Great Communication Tips

    Great Communication Tips

    We’ve all heard the expression “communication is key.” While that’s very true, communicating with children is a tricky area for many parents. Read More

  • Feeling Judged as a Parent?

    Feeling Judged as a Parent?

    I wanted to write a book that would help parents to feel a little less alone and a lot less judged. Read More

  • Barbie Gets a Smart Home

    Barbie Gets a Smart Home

    We're still a few years away from the average person embracing a fully-connected smart home, but Barbie is an early adopter. Read More

  • The Grace-full Adventure!

    The Grace-full Adventure!

    Grace is tenacious, sweet and has an extremely high tolerance for severe pain, but she is a typical little girl. Read More

  • My Child’s Mental Health

    My Child’s Mental Health

    Taking care of our mental health is just as important as having a healthy body. As a parent, you play an important role in your children’s mental health. Read More

  • Into The Deep

    Into The Deep

    Have you ever wanted to touch a stingray? Or practise yoga among tropical fish? How about sleep next to a shark? Read More

  • The Power of Positive Parenting

    The Power of Positive Parenting

    Happiness starts with a firm foundation of security and self-esteem, as well as knowing you are loved. Here’s some food for thought. Read More

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