• Ways to Set Your Child up  for Success

    Ways to Set Your Child up for Success

    Here’s how you can get the information that you need to make this coming school year successful... Read More

  • You’re Never Too Young for Skin Cancer

    You’re Never Too Young for Skin Cancer

    Melanoma is the fifth most common cancer for males and the seventh most common cancer for females. Read More

  • Family Caregiver Day 2018

    Family Caregiver Day 2018

    Canada Cares wishes all a Happy Family Caregiver Day! Read More

  • Spotlight On...
  • My non-identical identical twins

    My non-identical identical twins

    As the girls get bigger, it becomes harder to give them my equal attention, to be able to meet their individual needs. Read More

  • 5 Powerful Reasons Why Music Helps Kids

    5 Powerful Reasons Why Music Helps Kids

    What exactly is it about music that makes it a great way to connect with and help children? Let’s take a look. Read More

  • Sugar and spice...

    Sugar and spice...

    If you really added up all the hidden sugar that a typical kid gets in a day, you would be astounded. Read More

  • Managing Conflict With Your Preteen

    Managing Conflict With Your Preteen

    A certain amount of parent–child conflict is completely normal and is one of the ways your child practices being more independent. Read More

  • Mom's Important Teaching Moments

    Mom's Important Teaching Moments

    I didn’t know much about cerebral palsy, until I had a child with cerebral palsy. And then, it was an education of the kind I had never before. Read More

  • Wired and wonderful

    Wired and wonderful

    Technology plays such a major and important role in today’s world that I refer to children born in the past 20 years as “digital babies.” Read More

  • On diagnosis day

    On diagnosis day

    You may have already clicked on pictures that took your breath away, found support groups to join or landed on the “Welcome to Holland” poem, and it all might have temporarily helped. But what’s next? Read More

  • Reducing Bullying at School

    Reducing Bullying at School

    Over the course of three years, more than 6,500 children from grades 3–12 were surveyed about their experiences with bullying. Read More

  • Sleep, Glorious Sleep

    Sleep, Glorious Sleep

    Research has shown that not getting enough sleep can have an impact on children’s behaviour, emotional well-being and school performance. Read More

  • Cranberry Juice Can Stave Off Infections

    Cranberry Juice Can Stave Off Infections

    Antibiotics are usually the first line of treatment, but chronic overuse has increased resistance at an alarming rate. Read More

  • Can I Give You a High-Five?

    Can I Give You a High-Five?

    Here are a few thoughts on what things seem to make my kids feel good about themselves, and make me feel good about the interactions based around the “why” questions. Read More

  • A Mother’s Pride

    A Mother’s Pride

    Adrienne is a mother of three adult children, two of whom have been diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome “plus.” She is a part-time high-school math teacher, and has volunteered for Tourette Canada as an in-service provider for 12 years. Read More

  • A Word To New Moms

    A Word To New Moms

    It’s a day to celebrate because Max continues to do so much better than those gloom-and-doom doctors thought he would. Read More

  • Keeping Children Safe

    Keeping Children Safe

    Each child is different and the general recommendations that are available to keep children safe should be tailored to fit your child’s skills and abilities. Read More

  • The Healing Power of Pets

    The Healing Power of Pets

    The advantages of pet ownership go well beyond the fact that they’re cuddly and lots of fun. Read More

  • Rules To Live By

    Rules To Live By

    We understood that we were in for a long haul and we knew things were going to be really tough medically, emotionally, financially all of it. In a whirlwind of chaos, we decided we had to set down some guidelines for communication and stick with them. Read More

  • Preteen Years…

    Preteen Years…

    When you have a good relationship with your children, they feel understood and supported, and are more likely to respect you and follow your family culture. Read More

  • On Our Way To Sleep-Filled Nights

    On Our Way To Sleep-Filled Nights

    If you’re struggling with getting your children to sleep, try these helpful tips to reduce everyone’s stress. Read More

  • Moms Great Idea...

    Moms Great Idea...

    A couple of years ago, my hockey team went to Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital so we could all have a baseline concussion test. Read More

  • Brennen's Unexpected Journey

    Brennen's Unexpected Journey

    Feeling like I was not being taken seriously, and getting no sort of resolution, Brennen and I left California and came home to Newfoundland where we had the loving support of my family. Read More

  • OCD, Anxiety and Homework

    OCD, Anxiety and Homework

    If you are the parent of a child who has OCD or anxiety then you know what it’s like when they get stressed about homework. Here are some things you as a parent can do to help them manage their extreme levels of stress. Read More

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