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Start teaching these good manners…

Helping children be learn how to be polite and how to act when interacting with their peers, family and other adults is more than just saying “please” and “thank you” – although they are important. Here’s a quick refresher to remind you of what’s important: 

At home: Say “Please” when asking and “Thank you” when receiving. Let others finish before you speak. Ask permission before touching or taking things. Clean up after yourself in your room, bathroom, and other places you’ve used.

During mealtimes: Put away technology at mealtimes and conversations, close your mouth when eating and chewing. Use a napkin, ask to be excused before leaving the table and don’t forget to clear your plate and clean up after yourself.

With guests: Open the door for others and greet people with a smile, shake hands and make eye contact when greeting someone, stand up when an elder enters a room and a hug or a kiss for a close relative or grandparent is often appropriate.

Disability etiquette: Maintain eye contact. Talk directly to the person with the disability, even if he or she is using an interpreter, even if parents or friends are present, encourage the person with the disability to express his or her own opinions. Ask if assistance is needed, rather than assuming it is.

Listen attentively: If you’re talking with a person who has difficulty speaking be patient and wait for them to finish, rather than correcting or speaking. If necessary, ask short questions that require short answers, a nod or shake of the head. Never pretend to understand if you are having difficulty doing so, instead, repeat what you have understood and allow the person to respond. The response will clue you in and guide your understanding.

When friends are wheelchair users: Don’t lean or hang on someone’s wheelchair. Remember that wheelchairs are an extension of personal space. Ask permission before touching someone’s wheelchair or offering to push them or help.

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