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7-Eleven scans palms

At participating 7-Eleven stores, customers simply place their palm on a scanner, and within 30 seconds, they’re provided with a readout. Their vegetable intake level is displayed on a scale from 1 to 12, with 7 to 8 corresponding to approximately 350 g of daily fruit and veg intake. Users can see their amount of carotenoids include lycopene, which colours tomatoes red, and beta-carotene, which makes carrots orange, and biomarkers for the amount of fruit and veg someone has eaten.


Dirty Diapers become recycled into cheap, sturdy concrete

The possibility of an eco-friendly and sustainable solution to diapers, and their semi-permanent place in our landfills is on the horizon. Research combined six different amounts of diaper waste with sand, gravel and cement and let samples cure. The result? An extreme possibility that diaper waste can replace as much as 8 per cent of all sand in a single story, 36 square meter building. The project adhered to Indonesian building standards, hoping to provide a real option for developing nations struggling with housing.


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