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What to Do When Your Temper Flares

By Dawn Huebner, Ph.D.

This interactive self-help book teaches children a set of anger-reducing methods aimed at cooling angry thoughts and controlling aggressive actions. A helpful resource that will guide children and their parents through calming cognitive-behavioural techniques.

Whimsy’s Heavy Things

By Julie Kraulis

Whimsy’s heavy things are weighing her down. She tries to sweep them under the rug, but she trips over them. She tries to put them in a tree, but they fall on her. She even tries to sail them out to sea, but they always come back. Eventually Whimsy decides to deal with the heavy things one at a time … and a surprising thing happens. Whimsy’s Heavy Things is a delightful story about changing the things that weigh us down into the things that lift us up.

Mrs. Gorski, I Think I Have the Wiggle Fidgets

By Barbara Esham

David cannot stay still and he fidgets all of the time in the classroom. It’s not that he’s trying to be a distraction; he really is trying to be good but just can’t seem to help himself. This humourous book is told from David’s perspective and is effective at making us understand why he does the things he does and how he uses clever problem-solving skills to help him focus and get a handle of the “wiggle fidgets.” A great read for students, teachers and parents.

The Heart and the Bottle

By Oliver Jeffers

A little girl’s days are filled with wonder and curiosity as she seeks out life with an open heart. One day, something happens and she feels the need to protect her heart. Nothing is the same for a while — but then she’s reminded, unexpectedly, to live with her heart open again.

Thanks for the Feedback, I Think

By Julia Cook

Do you know a young person who tends to argue or give excuses when you are trying to correct behaviour? Or a student who mis-interprets praise and compliments? Teach them the social skills on “how to accept feedback” and “how to give and receive compliments” using a kid-friendly story with a lesson that enriches social-emotional learning. This book is the sixth in the BEST Me I Can Be! Series, which teaches social skills that can make elementary school more successful.

The Girl Who Never Made Mistakes

By Mark Pett & Gary Rubinstein

Nine-year old Beatrice Bottomwell holds the record of perfection in her hometown, where she is known as The Girl Who Never Makes Mistakes. Life is all smooth sailing until she does the unthinkable—she makes her first mistake. And in a very public way! Here’s a wonderfully illustrated fable that assures kids it’s OK to mess up once in a while and that trying to be perfect can get in the way of having fun and being creative.

The Prince Who Was Just Himself

By Silke Schnee

The royal couple is looking forward to their third child. Prince Noah becomes a part of their family and they soon notice how special he really is even though he can’t do everything his brothers can do. He surprises everyone when he disarms the cruel knight Scarface with an act of compassion. This delightful story instills appreciation for children with Down syndrome and other developmental challenges, making it a valuable aid for teaching tolerance in the home or classroom.

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