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Can a tutor help?

If your child is falling behind, not stimulated, or has other learning disabilities or ADD, extra support is often recommended to assist with skills like; time management; planning and organizationally skills. While time needed and type of assistance will vary from child to child, regular tutoring can help build confidence, language skills and homework as well.

Handling an anaphylaxis emergency

• Give epinephrine
(e.g. EpiPen®) at first sign of suspected reaction. 

• Call 9-1-1 and tell them it’s an anaphylactic reaction. 

• Give a second dose of epinephrine 5 minutes after the first dose if no improvement 

• Head to hospital quickly even if symptoms are mild or have stopped. The reaction could get worse or come back. 

• Call emergency contact persons (e.g., parent, guardian, spouse) and

• Stay with the child until they arrive. 

• After giving epinephrine: Place the child on their back and raise their legs. If they feel sick, or fall unconscious, place them on their side. 

Lie down with your child to keep them calm, avoid standing up suddenly.

Battle-free ideas to help picky eaters

1. Start a garden so kids can ‘pick’ their own dinner.

2. Get creative with your presentation.

3. Sneak greens into a smoothie or baking.

4. Model good habits yourself.

4. Avoid distractions at the table like electronics.

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