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Ready to yell at your kids?

Staying home with your kids all day takes patience and a different kind of routine than normal. Working, while juggling childcare and household responsibilities can fray everyone’s nerves.

Here’s what to do before you really lose your cool:


Calm down

Take a quick break and remove yourself so that you can sort out your emotions and stop your heart racing. If you’re still in the thick of it and can’t leave, close your eyes and breathe.


Apologize and explain what’s happening

Help your children understand why you are getting angry and frustrated. Try and teach them how to stop the situation escalating with a special code word or signal that you can use when they’ve pushed you too far.


Reconnect creatively

Perhaps your kids are craving attention or quality time. Tell them you’re taking a 15-20 minute break to be with just them and turn off all your distracting tools and devices so you can be true to your word.


Respond with kindness

Shift the mood from tension and frustration to create a more positive loving atmosphere. Smile and work on being pleasant. (We know its hard but it works wonders.)


Distract with fun alternatives

Start talking jibberish, begin clapping or drumming on the table. Sing la la la LA!  Pretend to have laryngitis and put on fancy glasses to look at them with. These are bound to change the tone and make them giggle instead.



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