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Beat the Sunday night blues

Is everyone always ready to hit rewind when the end of the weekend rolls around? Here are a few ways to help your kids get ready for the new week ahead.

It’s common to feel a little down on Sunday nights. Knowing the break is over and another week is about to start can be hard to handle. If you’re experiencing the Sunday night blues, here are some ways to cope (and change your outlook on the week ahead):
• Plan ahead: Try to finish any homework, chores or other responsibilities before Sunday evening so you can enjoy your weekend to the fullest.
• Look forward: Schedule a few activities you can look forward to throughout the week such as hanging out with friends, extracurricular activities or something else you enjoy.
• Stay positive: Remember the good things that are coming with a new week and try to focus on those (a fresh start, next weekend’s plans, etc.).
• Work it out: Go for a walk or exercise to reflect on the weekend, boost your mood and prep for Monday morning.
• Try to relax: Taking a warm bath, listening to music or taking a few deep breaths can help you calm down and feel better.
• Take it slow: Thinking about a whole week of work, school or other activities can be overwhelming. Try taking things one day at a time.
• Embrace change: It’s important to accept that weekends will come and go. Try to embrace the changes that may come, be flexible and go with the flow.
• Keep yourself busy: Make Sunday night special by doing something fun each week. You could watch a TV show, read a book or cook a big meal with loved ones to keep your mind off things.
• Talk about it: If you feel anxious on Sunday nights (or if you feel anxious all of the time) you can talk to a safe adult such as a parent/caregiver. You can always call a Kids Help Phone counsellor at 1-800-668-6868.

Sunday nights are always going to be around, but the blues don’t have to be. Try to focus on the positive and take things one day at a time. 

Reprinted with permission from Kids Help Phone

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