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Raw Food 4 Kids

By Sarah Quinney

Raw Food 4 Kids shows you how you can create all kinds of lip-smacking raw food that the kids and whole family will love. It includes over 100 yummy interpretations of conventional food, as well as new recipes and delicious raw treats that are healthy for everyone. There are basic raw food techniques and tips, recipes, and nutritious, tasty meal ideas. It is not just for the raw food enthusiast but for people who want to introduce healthy, nutritious meals to their family’s diet. All Recipes are 100% raw and includes over 100 recipes that are additive-, gluten- and dairy-free; with an extensive introduction on the nutritional benefits of raw food for kids and parents. Also juicing and smoothies for kids. This is food that’s yummy and good for any size tummy. Combines the fun of cooking with a healthy food message. It’s not just for small kids; all recipes are suitable for big kids.

Source: Sarah Quinney

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