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Making strides in accessibility and accommodation.

Equal access to the sea

Greece is making hundreds of beaches wheelchair-friendly by installing the Greek-designed Seatrac system. An innovative, technology assistant that promotes autonomy, quality and wellness in everyday life. The 15-million Euro project funded by the European Union and national resources reports that 287 beaches across Greece are undergoing transformation to be fully accessible with parking, bathroom and changing facilities, ramps, corridors to sun loungers and refreshment bars. 147 are already completed.

Source: Greek Reporter

Calm cabin

A major car company is unveiling a new kit that will help  transform riding in of their minivan’s into a “sensory-supported mobile experience.” Developed with the Autism Society of America the kit includes: a back seat organizer with room for a tablet, a meditative light, a sound therapy machine, a seat belt sleeve with a velvet like feel,  a travel pillow and a weighted sensory blanket. The new offering came about because riding in the car can be overstimulating and uncomfortable for people with autism, leaving them stressed and scared. The Chrysler Calm Cabin is expected to be available later this Spring.

Source: Disability Scoop.

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