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Play made easier with surprise toy boxes

According to experts, children benefit from play in a multitude of ways. But, in today’s world of screen entertainment getting back to basics is often challenging for both parents and educators alike. Here are few simple tips to help your child get the most out of his or her playtime.

1 Outdoor time: Nature presents a variety of easy to enjoy activities that are both nurturing and healthy. From time in the park to taking a trail walk or riding a bike. There’s lots to see and do – much of which happens spontaneously along the way. Whether it’s watching for birds, checking out neighbourhood trees or learning to play nicely with other kids on the monkey bars, there are hundreds of ways to enjoy time together that’s fun.

2 Story time: Reading a book out loud or encouraging imaginative story telling is the type of play that lends itself to quieter times. Leading with age appropriate content and pointing out illustrative features prompts creative discussion.

3 Get musical: Sing songs with easy to remember rhymes and cheerful lyrics. From old-fashioned nursery rhymes to the use of apps created to encourage the enjoyment of classical or contemporary tunes, there plenty to liven up the day. Early musical instruments can also encourage creativity and listening.

4 Learning with toys: There will always be old favourites but introducing new age appropriate toys is key to opening up young minds. New shapes, colours and activities that are carefully selected ignite creative spark and open kids up to new concepts.

5 Toy box subscriptions: A fabulous new gift service that makes parenting or grandparenting that much more fun and meaningful. Each month your special little person will get a special delivery of professionally curated surprise box. In it they’ll find lots to keep them busy and stimulated; age-appropriate toys, books and games.

A box of joy…every month!

Simply pre-order online your affordable surprise box for the children in your family and a lovely package arrives addressed to them each month. Sure to brighten up any child’s day and enrich their playtime even more.

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