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Going on a soundwalk

Boy playing on beach

Let your ears take you and your kids on a wonderful journey to explore the natural world and discover all the amazing sounds that can soothe, calm, and stimulate other senses too.

For a lot of families, going on a soundwalk together is a clever way to help you wind down, relax and learn. Soundwalks paint rich, audio landscapes for children to explore, with different guided relaxations. From working through big feelings and letting go of stress, to finding joy or getting ready for the day, soundwalks use the soothing sounds to help kids connect with the present, and themselves.

Here are a few fabulous recordings that we thought you might want to explore together that have been produced with kids in mind:

Working through big feelings (Ocean sounds)

Let’s go on a journey to the beach, so that we can listen to the sound of birds, the wind and big waves crashing ashore. Do you sometimes have big feelings? Maybe sometimes you feel angry, or scared or sad? Big feelings are okay, everyone has them sometimes, and there are a few things that can help.


Soothing my busy mind (Mountain sounds)

Being out in nature is a great way to relax, and when we’re outside there’s a lot to listen to and discover. All of these different things can make our minds feel busy. Sometimes when your mind feels busy, it can be good to stop, breathe and concentrate on just one thing.


Calming myself (National Park sounds)

The national park is full of wonderful nature noises, especially late in the day when birds are getting ready for bed. From cockatoos to rosellas, all our feathered friends are preparing for a good night’s sleep. What do you do to help yourself get ready for a nice rest?

Finding courage (Wetland sounds)

We’re sitting by wonderful wetlands, using our imaginations to watch finches fly, and have a gander at geese. Mother goose goes under the water to try and find some food. And her little goslings are trying too! Do you every use your courage to try new things?


Letting go of stress (Waterfall sounds)

Waterfalls make so many different sounds. They rumble, and crash, and gurgle and send sprays of water flying through the air. Eventually, they become a river. Calm and relaxed and flowing steadily.

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